Introduction to the Actor Model & 

Getting Started With the Actor Framework for LabVIEW

Actor Framework

LabVIEW Champion, Tomi Maila is a Partner and Principal Engineer at JKI. He has been the lead software engineer and software architect for numerous complex LabVIEW-based software projects ranging from leading edge biotech instruments to grid-scale energy storage systems. Tomi is an active member of the international LabVIEW ecosystem and one of the contributors of the OpenG open source community. His current interests lie in design patterns and software architectures for real-world systems software, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Big Measurement Data.

Tomi Maila (@tmaila)

On Demand Webinar with LabVIEW Champion Tomi Maila

Join LabVIEW Champion Tomi Maila in this 40-minute webinar as he introduces you to the fundamentals of the actor model for software development and how the actor model allows you to create robust and modular application in an elegant way.

Tomi will take this theory into practice by showing how to create a simple actor-based application in LabVIEW using the Actor Framework. He will guide you through the basic components of the Actor Framework and how to effectively use them.

You’ll learn:

What is the actor model for software development

Duration: 40 minutes

How to create custom controls with modern-looking icons

How to launch and stop actors in the Actor Framework

How to add public methods to your actors

Level: Intermediate


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