Creating a Hardware Abstraction Layer in LabVIEW

Using JKI State Machine Objects

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François Normandin is Staff Engineer & Systems Architect at LabVIEW consulting company JKI. As a Certified LabVIEW Architect, he has been involved on various projects in the fields of microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip technologies, semiconductor inspection, tests & measurements and grid-scale energy storage. François is a long-time contributor to the online LAVA community and his interests range broadly on topics such as scalable software architectures, embedded systems and code automation.

François Normandin 

On Demand Webinar with JKI Engineer, François Normandin

Managing complexity is one of the most fundamental aspects of any software engineer’s job definition. Hardware Abstraction is a key concept to master in our quest for achieving such a goal. Join JKI engineer François Normandin in this 45-minute webinar as he goes through the process of designing and implementing an hardware abstraction layer for a mocked-up instrument. From theory to practice, you will define hardware abstraction in the context of an instrument’s product development cycle and apply those concepts with JKI State Machine Objects.

You’ll learn:

What is Hardware Abstraction

Duration: 45 minutes

What makes Hardware Abstraction Useful

How to create a simple Hardware Abstraction Layer

How a HAL can help you create maintainable and testable software

Level: Intermediate


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